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There's a better way to structure employee benefits. Our advisers build plans that cost half the national average without reducing benefits or network access.

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Use the same proven strategies as the largest employers in the country to maximize your employee benefits cost savings in the immediate and long term.

Results Driven Benefits

With traditional retail health plans every player in the system does better when your costs go up. Hospitals and insurance companies are announcing record profits. As they charge more for their services, your premiums go up and your employees get less.

We build custom plans with all the major carriers, so your employees can keep their networks, and we create efficiencies in your plans so that your costs go down and your coverage goes up.

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Long-Term Cost Savings Solutions

Many businesses feel helpless to large annual renewal increases coupled with reduced coverage. These increases are often issued by the carrier without any justification.

We don’t shift costs to your employees by increasing deductibles and copays or decreasing networks. We implement strategies to keep your renewals low year over year while providing the same or better coverage for your staff.

Complete Transparency

With traditional retail health plans, you don’t know where your dollars are going. You aren’t told how much of your premium is allocated to administration and fees versus how much is actually going to claims.

When you work with transparent vendors, you know exactly where your dollars are going and you no longer have vendors charging exorbitant fees behind the scenes without your knowledge.

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Better Benefits And Healthier Employees

A majority of the plans we build allow employees to not only save on their monthly premiums, but also in their out-of-pocket healthcare costs by eliminating copays for services like complex imaging, labs, and multiple prescription drug classes.

Allowing your staff to save money while having better access to care contributes directly to a happier and more productive workforce.

The New City Experience

We deliver solutions across industries that allow your employees to keep their network access and improve their benefits while reducing costs to half the national average.

Contact us today to learn how much you could be saving on your benefits.

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Every member of the New City team is thoroughly educated and experienced in their specialty. 

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Benefits Consulting Services

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Group Health Insurance

A group health insurance plan is an affordable approach to insurance, and also works in everyone’s favor when covering groups of employees.

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Self Funding

A self funding insurance model lets businesses track where healthcare funds are going, to spend money on claims rather than a set premium.

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Executive Benefits

Executive benefits plans are non-qualified plans that provide retirement benefits for a group of employees or executives.

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401k & Retirement

Having a competitive 401k & retirement plan shows potential prospects that your company is willing to invest in their future.

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HR & Payroll Integration

Integrate your employee benefits, payroll and HR to eliminate errors and keep processing in a consolidated system.

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Wellness Plans

Wellness plans focus on making your employees healthier & improving exercise & diet habits through data driven wellness strategies & rewards.

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